Yes. The Internet Works But More Than We Expected!

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    I confess. For 6 years I have been using the internet without much knowledge about it. I mean, going into social media, search engines, streaming videos on youtube, gaming, you can name it.

    I didn’t even know the definition of the internet. (i know you could think it’s embarrassing, chill it not embarrassing that much). Perhaps I didn’t have the zeal to know. Or maybe I was too busy.

    So my zeal to know more about the internet started when my cousin visited home last year during the summer break. And she was telling me words like complex system, content provider. (that was jargon to me)

    I researched. And I decided to write this to help someone who needs the basics of the internet.

    What is the internet in simple words?

    Internet is a worldwide network that connects devices like computers and cellphones. The core of the internet is to educate people. In the word internet, net means it is for the whole world. However, not everyone has internet access because of several reasons( we will discuss this later).

    For now, let’s take a look at what is the purpose of the internet.

    What is the purpose of the internet?

    1. Search information
    2. Online News
    3. Communication
    4. File and data transfer
    5. Social networking
    6. Entertainment 
    7. Gaming 
    8. Marketing
    9. (E-commerce)
    10. Study
    11. Online services
    12. Blogging
    13. Dating

    Search Information or Research.

    Every day, people like me or you search for information like job vacancies, retail shops, or services like dry cleaners or bakeries.

    We search using search engines like Google, Yandex, and bing. And we connect to search engines and get what we have searched for because we have internet.

    Online news

    Many newspaper companies now have websites where they can post juicy and current stories. Online news is preferable because it is free and easy to access. But only through an internet connection.

    People are always busy. I am too. It pretty sucks to wait for the morning show or the afternoon newsroom to hear current affairs. Thanks to the internet, people are always informed of what is happening around them and their loved ones.

    Some news websites include;

    • Yahoo-ABC News Network.
    • NBC News Digital.
    • Huffington Post.
    • CBS News.
    • Fox News
    • BuzzFeed.
    • CNN.
    • Huffington Post.


    Emailing is vital. Most businesses use emails to communicate with their clients. Emailing is easy and fast to end information to someone. That is why most companies use it to connect to their customer fast and share with them what they offer.

    Although it is a primary way of communication. Most people choose emails because they are cheap, especially when using broadband(internet). And each email sent is almost freely.

    File transfer.

    The other purpose of the internet is to share files and data between two parties. There are safe and secure software used to share data, and these include :

    1. Dropbox. 
    2. Google Drive. 
    3. WeTransfer.
    4. And many more.

    Social media networking

    Today almost everyone is familiar with a preferable social media. Some of the social media examples include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram( just to mention a few ). Through social media, we connect to people in different countries. Many of these social media platforms occupy most of our time. The interesting part is that we can only connect to this when we have internet.


    Internet is now our source of entertainment. We can watch, listen to podcasts, videos, movies, songs, and anything if you have an internet connection. 

    You can choose to stream or download so that you can watch anytime you are offline.


    This can also be considered as entertainment. But I would like to explain it separately. This category is for the younger generation. And online gaming is vastly growing. Statistics show that in 2020 there were 2.7 billion gamers. Online games can be played via computers and mobile apps.


    • Believe it or not. Internet advertising is one of the most affordable ways of growing your brand. Search engines like google have introduced SEO(SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION). There are many ways of advertising( digital marketing). These include:
    • Content marketing.
    • Search engine marketing.
    • Display Advertising.
    • Mobile Marketing.
    • Social Media Marketing.
    • Email Marketing.
    • Influencer Marketing.
    • Affiliate Marketing.


    Internet has made itsy to buy, order pizza, groceries or many more things from the comfort of our homes. There are some websites where you can buy online, and they offer delivery. These include Amazon, Alibaba.

    Life is much more manageable with the internet.


    These days especially during this covid 19 pandemic, the internet streets are flooding with online learning. Students can take classes anytime, anywhere they are as long a they have internet.

    However, taking online learning is affordable than the opposite.


    This is content that is put on a website to educate people or to enlighten people over a certain aspect they did not know.

    Some celebrities are now using blogs to express their thoughts and their personal lives(lifestyle bloggers).


    Internet has introduced several dating sites. At first, there was gross criticism about online dating. But now, young people spend most of their time online socializing, and there is an increase in the chance of meeting a loved one.

    Now, let’s take a look at why some people in the world can not access this piece of cake ( in brief).

    Why is it some people cannot access the internet?

    • They live in remote areas where the internet or network I hard to find. (Lack of coverage)
    • Internet cost
    • Lack of interest/ Religion

    To sum up

    It is hard to ignore the internet because it is now part of our lives. The only thing we can do is controlling it so that it cannot consume all of our lives. Know more about it. And use it the appropriate way.

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