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LTE Frequently Asked Questions

These are two different things. LTE is internet connectivity that you can connect to your cellular service provider's network. While with WIFI you need a router or a modem to access the internet.

LTE is the abbreviation of Long Term Evolution. It is a wireless data overdrive that enables you to access the internet fast. With LTE, you can download your music, websites, and video much faster than you could with a 3G network.

Yes. LTE is a type of 4Gtechnology

A 4G LTE data from a phone is often faster than Wi-Fi.

LTE does not use data. But it allows applications in your phone to have data access.

Yes. 5G network is faster than LTE.

LTE is stable and reliable. Its high speeds can be reached when the mobile network is fast. LTE can maintain speeds much like an average fixed-line internet connection.

LTE is a very good network technology. It offers high speeds and low latencies over long distances. This makes it reliable and stable.

Finding your internet speed isn't complicated like how some people may tell you. To perform a speed test, visit a site like and click the button Begin Test.
There are also a number of sites where you can do an internet speed test.

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