How To Choose The Uncapped ADSL deals In 2021

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    If you are in South Africa then you are familiar with uncapped ADSL deal providers like Afrihost, Axxess only to mention a few. 

    And if you have been trying to choose the best-uncapped ADSL provider in South Africa then this post is for you.

    We will discuss several facts to consider when choosing an Uncapped ADSL package. But first, let’s start by defining the terms with the word ADSL.

    What is ADSL?

    ADSL is an abbreviation for Asynchronous digital line subscribers. ADSL is a type of data technology that transmits the internet through copper telephone cables. It is a type of digital subscriber line technology.

    Most people confuse ADSL with WIFI. These two are different. I will explain.

     Is ADSL a WIFI? 

    Wifi is a technology that allows computers, cellphone devices, television, and many more machines to have access to the internet without connecting to physical ired cables.

    Adsl is a type of WIFI.

    What is uncapped ADSL?

    Uncapped ADSL means unlimited ADSL access to the internet. That means that you can stream videos and podcasts, play online games without any data depleting( you can use any amount of bandwidth you wish).

    What is uncapped ADSL deals?

    Uncapped ADSL deals also referred to as Uncapped ADSL packages, are sets of data offered by ADSL internet providers at a fixed monthly amount.

    ADSL modem/ router

    ADSL modem or ADSL router are both the same thing. A modem (also known as modulator-demodulator) is a hardware device that changes data from a digital format to a fitting transmission, for example, telephones and many more.

    An ADSL router connects your devices like computers and cell phones to the internet through an ADSL line. These days some of the ADSL router can connect your device wirelessly.

    ADSL speed test

    There are several software applications available online, and some are provided by ADSL internet providers. On these sites, you can test the speed of your ADSL.

    Anyway, let’s not waste more time. How do you make up your mind on Uncapped ADSL deals? How do you know that this package is the best?

    How to choose the best Uncapped ADSL deals

    Well, there are several factors to consider when choosing uncapped ADSL deals. But I will show you few factors that are the most important ones.

    • availability
    • cost
    • reliability 
    • its use/ advantages
    • comparison

    However, over 16 companies in South Africa offer ADSL packages. But the prices and bandwidths of those packages differ. That is why we have created a site like this, that will make comparison easy.

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