An Ultimate Guide To Fiber Optic Internet 2.

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    Fiber optic part 2

    Let’s do a quick recap of Fiber optic part 1.

    We discussed four topics on Fiber optic, and these are:

    • The definition of fiber-optic internet.
    • The history of Fiber optic.
    • Fiber Optic Intenet process.
    • And the benefits of fiber.

     I will explain in depth the advantages of Fiber Optic Internet.

    The benefits of fiber.

    High internet speed

    Fiber optic internet is fast because the optic cables are competent for carrying more bandwidth than any copper cable might carry. Fiber optic cables can end the internet at almost 70 percent the speed of light. The high speed of fiber optic internet makes it preferable for video streaming and gaming.

    Secure and stable connection.

    Fiber optic internet is one of the most secure types of internet. I can explain. The technology makes it hard for hackers to hijack the data. This is because it is hardware. And this protects your data in transit.

    Signal Strength

    What is signal strength?

    Signal strength is the measure of how well data is transmitted. It is measured in dB/km. With ADSL, the strength of the internet signal decreases when you move away from the source of the internet. With fiber Optic it is different. Fiber optic internet doesn’t slow down even if you are far from your ISP.


    What is bandwidth

    Bandwidth is the data transferred at a given amount of time/measured time. It is measured by megabits per second. The bandwidth of fiber optical is infinite.

    There are two types of fiber internet distributed by internet providers. These include:

    1. uncapped fiber
    2. capped fiber

    Uncapped Fiber

    Uncapped fiber means an internet package( that you buy from an internet provider) you never fun out of GB(Gigabit). This package usually has no usage restrictions. And this means that internet users can enjoy their browsing at any time and anywhere. There are no additional costs with uncapped fiber.

    Capped Fiber

    Capped fiber is an internet package (that you buy ) that is set with a specific quantity of GB for every month. There is a possibility that if you don’t use all of your data it may expire. Or it may jump into the next month. However, this depends on the internet provider and the conditions of the capped fiber package.

    What is the difference between the features of the two packages?

    Uncapped fiber account have high bandwidth compared to capped bandwidth. Uncapped fiber can have many users, while capped fiber internet limits users because of bandwidth. With capped fiber, you have to control the usage of the internet to avoid depleting before month-end.

    Where can be fiber optic internet used?

    • At home
    • Municipal offices
    • government institutions
    • private firms
    • and many more

    What is fiber optic internet used for?

    • Telephoning
    • video streaming
    • online gaming
    • downloading
    • And many more.

    In conclusion, Fiber optic internet is the future of broad brand. Research ho that the future holds a place for Fiber optic internet than it does for others. The fiber optics market size is projected to reach USD 6.9 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 10.0% between 2019 and 2024. Extracted from the Market and Markets blog.

    Dear reader, was this guide helpful? Let me know what you think in the comment section.


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